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Counselling Horsham
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Psychotherapy West Sussex

Where to find me:

Debbie Moore

Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy & Counselling

35 Millfield


Nr Horsham

West Sussex

RH13 9HT

Phone 07526 388631


Appointment times

These vary depending upon the day. As well as offering appointments during normal working hours, I also offer evening and early morning sessions to accommodate people's work or childcare commitments. 

Please contact me to discuss availability.

Wheelchair Access available

We cannot change anything unless we accept it - Carl Jung

Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy -

As mentioned earlier psychoanalytic psychotherapy involves gently exploring the meanings, often underlying, of our experiences in order to understand the effect they may be having on our present lives. These meanings, conflicts and symptoms are often outside of conscious experience and may manifest themselves in ways that cause difficulty and suffering.

Analysis and exploration can help an individual gain insight into conflicts and painful symptoms and the profound effect these may have upon us, thereby providing the possibility of deep change whilst facing the future along with the pain of the past.

I offer a safe, confidential, environment and encourage a close therapeutic relationship between patient and therapist. Within the relationship, behavioural patterns can emerge in the consulting room reflecting what may be occurring outside.

Sessions take place regularly, the minimum being once-weekly. However, more regular sessions (from twice to five times-weekly) allow for a greater depth of exploration and understanding. They can provide containment so that an individual does not feel left so alone and facing pain and difficulty for a whole week, and also continuity, giving less disruption to the analysis.

The use of a couch is offered as this allows for more concentrated reflection but I appreciate that for some this may be very difficult and it is perfectly acceptable to sit upright if you prefer.

Counselling -

It is not always easy to define the difference between counselling and psychotherapy as they can cross over at times. In general terms the difference is that counselling is more focussed on a particular problem or difficulty which may have been the trigger for an individual to seek therapy. Sometimes by addressing and working through that difficulty, a person may feel that they have gained what they needed and the counselling is sufficient for them to continue with their lives. For others, there may be other issues underlying the initial presenting problem for which further exploration could be useful.






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